Gordan Horbec

The founder of Opulento.

The founder of Opulento. Sometime in 2001 he read Richdad’s book which was a turning point in his life. Although he finished the Faculty of Economics, no one had ever explained to him how money works in the real world and why some have it and some do not. He shared his knowledge on the blog money, and later transfered all of this onto the websitewww.imamnovac.com.

He founded Opulento with the aim of making it possible to help people as much as he can to become rich, or, if not rich, then at least financially free. In the end, he concluded that the best way to reach this was by starting his own business, and even though he can not start up businesses for other people, he can inspire them and be their right hand man. Thus , the idea of an ​​accounting service that helps entrepreneurs was born. He fell in love with accounting, finance, taxation and legislation after realizing how much impact on our lives they have and how reality is vastly different than it seems at first glance. He was so thrilled with figures and finances that he now also holds a seminar for entrepreneurs: 21 little things that I would have liked explained when I went into business.

Favorite quote: if you do not want to play by the rules, then do not play.

Favorite car: BMW M5

Hobbies: Doing gymnastic exercises, World of Warcraft