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Dare to say NO!

Dear friend, in these difficult times it is easy to give up on one’s dreams and desires. So easy in fact, that people do not even think about them, they are happy to have a job. Any job. And to receive a salary. On time. Luckily, if you are reading this I know you’re not […]

Seminar: 21 little things

It is always easier to do business with someone who understands your side of the deal. Therefore, we are giving a free seminar 21 “little things” for entrepreneurs, to all our clients. After the seminar, you will gain access to virtually everything that an entrepreneur should know about the laws and regulations that govern its […]

  • “For me as an etrepreneur Opulento’s dream team provides what I need: a peaceful night’s sleep! With thier professionalism, I do not have to worry in addition to my regular job, if something related to finance will surprise me. And when I add Gordan’s expertise and excellent advice, Opulento rightly deserves its motto – a CFO that you can afford!”

    Tomislav Bekec, Broj jedan d.o.o.malaskolaprodaje.wordpress.com

  • “Before I started working with Opulento I had often been at loss on how to realize a concrete business idea, seen from the point of proper administration. The most common answers I received from other services were, “it can be done this way or another way, you pick,” and as I’m not an expert in accounting it was hard to make out all the pros and cons of certain options. The Opulento team impressed me with their knowledge and advice which often assisted me in rapid and efficient decisions when choosing the right way. Today I know that all doubts of this type can be quickly resolved with one phone call or email, as Opulento is always willing to help.”

    Dino Butorac, pmmentorpmmentor.hr

  • “A bookkeeping service that provides you with additional time for work and new ideas is the right kind of accounting. And this is what Opulento is.”

    Kresimir Blazevic Netko d.o.o.muzika.hrnetko.hr

  • “I have been cooperating with Opulento for two years and am completely satisfied with the quality and speed of service that is perfectly suited to the nature and dynamics of my job. As I spend most of my time on business trips, often outside Croatia, I needed an accountant who provides a modern service, as much as possible via e-mail and phone, which “reminds” me of deadlines for submission of accounts, which is calm and patient when I show up with some unusual queries, and which continually learns and informs me in due time of changes in laws, new benefits and similar. That is precisely the kind of support I get from Gordan and Tiana. Their skill, thoroughness, professionalism and speed of service help me sleep peacefully at night and focus exclusively on my business”

    Ivana Zovko, Mos Negotii d.o.o.

  • ”It is a pleasure doing business with such a transparent and efficient accounting service.”

    Ivan P., CEO, Mobile Focus d.o.o.

  • “After more than half a year of cooperation I can say that I am satisfied with the service. What is most important is that they have gained my trust, so that I can devote myself to the company’s business and leave the accounting to Opulento.”

    Š.M., Kanta d.o.o.